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Enter the person’s name to search. Even a guess can help.

Enter the person’s name to search.
Even a guess can help.

Enter the person’s name to search. Even a guess can help.

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What ancestor records can tell

Ancestor records are the best way to learn about your family and where they came from or lived over the years. The information you find depends heavily on the type of records you search for on the web. Some offer birth and death dates that let you know more about your ancestors, but others let you find land records and full names.


Names and dates are a great way to make sure you find people worthy of putting on your family tree. You have access to tons of records online.

While you can learn more about your family through your grandparents and living relatives, you’ll find out even more on the web.

The internet helps you avoid trips to libraries and other facilities and allows you to find records available from the comfort of your home. Not only can you search for records from the last few generations, but you may find genealogy records that are even older and date back to when your ancestors arrived in the country. Using the web gives you access to billions of useful records.


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