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Genealogy Records

Enter the person’s name to search. Even a guess can help.

Enter the person’s name to search.
Even a guess can help.

Enter the person’s name to search. Even a guess can help.

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What genealogy records can tell

Genealogy records fall into two categories: compiled and original records. Compiled records are those collected by individuals and groups that they share with others. A biography is one example. The person who wrote the biography will include as much information as possible such as when and where the person was born and where they lived over the years.


Compiled records are often helpful if you have a notable or famous ancestor. The records will give you fun stories and data that you won’t find anywhere else. You may even find stories that your family never heard before.

Most genealogy records are original records that come from different sources. Residency records are one example. They show the name of each person who lived at a specific address along with what they did for a living and if they were married or single.Some groups and organizations have records that feature similar information about members. You can often look into court records, too.

Some court records help you see who owned a piece of land and when they bought the property along with how much they paid. Certain court records even tell you if someone spent time in jail or prison and the reason they were arrested.

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